Saturday, September 12, 2009

Control Zee

This incident goes to show how much we are used to using Windows. Without getting it to details of merits and demerits of using this product let me tell you what happend..

It was a late September evening, night rather, and the clock was close to ticking 11:30. At this hour I find myself in my office working on .....something I don't remember. The shop floor was noisy as usual but our cabin was relatively silent with just chairs and no sterns on it. A huge pile of files lay beside me and I was pinned on to my excel sheet hoping to blow the management's brains out with some fancy graphs.

As I got closer to finishing my work, my stretch instincts struck me. Result; the huge file pile was no longer on my desk, It was on the floor. Since these files were overloaded like an Indian truck, with more paper than they were designed to hold, every thing from daily production report to ISO documents were now scattered on my office floor.

And then......the next wave of instincts stuck me. I hit "Crtl + Z" on my key board and I was expecting the files to come back on my desk. (For those who do not know, Windows has an "un do" feature which reverts your last action; activated by "Crtl + Z"). I must have tried this three times, or so, wondering if the previous attempts failed because of a keyboard malfunction. It took me a couple of more seconds to realize that There is no "Crtl + Z" in real life.


vijayasimhabr said...

This is a sign macha. that you are spending way too much time at office.

Take the hint and move.

Akshay Hegde said...

I wish we had one in real life too ;)

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